Setting Up Broadcast Me to Work With UnReal Media Server 1

I was looking for an iOS program to encode and broadcast video to an UnReal Media Server.

I finally found Broadcast Me, which looked promising, but I was having great difficulty getting it to connect to the published RTMP stream.

Finally, after much time on Google, I figured it out.


Press the Gear to get to the settings



“” is the IP address of my UnReal Media Server

“5130” is the port for the incoming video

“test” is the name of the stream

“encoder” is the username

“test1” is the password.

Do not fill out the other fields. ( I also tried it at work, and for some reason it behaved differently, and I had to put the username and password into their corresponding fields, as well. *shrug*)

and press Save.


Oh, in case you were wondering how to set up UnReal Media Server:

Media Server Configurator
  Live Broadcasts : New Live Broadcast
    Rebroadcast live RTMP / RTSP ... Stream : OK
      Live BroadCast Alias : Test
      (dropdown) rtmp://
      (*) Push
      (check) Authentication Required
      UserName : encoder
      Password : test1

And assuming that you have already opened up ports 5119 and 5130 for both UDP and TCP in your firewall, Bob’s your uncle.


And, in case you’re wondering how to connect to view the live stream, once you’re broadcasting it.

Fire up your media player, for example, VLC:

    Open Network
      URL: rtmp://

And that Bob fella.. well.. he’s still your uncle.


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One thought on “Setting Up Broadcast Me to Work With UnReal Media Server

  • TheCalisto1994

    It doesn’t work for me. I can play my stream from OBS Studio within the “Streaming media player” that is developed by the Unreal Media Server creators but i can’t open up the stream in VLC Media player. It is impossible ._.